Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday July 29

Today is 'lasagne day'.  Knowing me and my family you might assume we would make a beautiful summer farmer's market lasagne (like we made last week).  But, since we were having dinner at my parents house (and lasagne was not on the menu), we had to be creative.  The kids made a chocolate lasagne for dessert.  Sometimes you just have to be a little crazy!  I can't imagine how they all ended up with cool whip noses either! 

Monday July 28

Ironically, after my post yesterday, I snapped this shot while lounging in my favorite chair on the back patio... after mopping the floor.  I love our backyard, especially in the summer.  I enjoyed a few moments reading and soaking in the summer while the kids played.

Sunday July 27

Kids live here.  I saw a beautiful blog post earlier this year that was a collection of photos people have taken of the lovely signs we have around our homes every day that show 'kids live here'.  Be it the 'shoe graveyard' outside the door to my garage, or the cap of the bubble jar laying on the front walk, or piles and piles of legos, or the beautiful splatters of paint decorating my sink after many days of sick girls painting.  I'm not really a neat freak, much to Tom's dismay some days, but what that does allow is the ability to notice and be thankful for the signs that kids live here.  Kids who are active and creative and fun.  Kids that I love. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday July 26

I really like to play catch with my dad whenever he is home.  Almost every day my grandpa comes over to play catch while my dad is at work.  Today was extra special because I got a new glove!  It's the same glove as my grandpa and the same size as my dad's!  I gave my mom my old glove.  It has no padding, but when I play catch with mom I never throw her "the heat". 
By Noah

Friday July 25

Even though a couple of the kids are under the weather, we are still having fun.  Sick days make everyone slow down, which isn't really all bad.  We are doing a lot of snuggling, reading, and painting!

Thursday July 24


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday July 23

You know it's summer when kiddos return home from a camping adventure with grandma and grandpa M. to enjoy hydrangeas from our yard on the table and corn on the cob from the farmers market on the plate!