Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

Sometimes something happens and in that instant everything is right with the world.  This is one of those instants.  Just like that.  Daddy came home today from nearly 2 weeks in Asia.  It was a crazy two weeks of Hope starting up for me, football starting up for Noah, Pneumonia, broken AC (and our most humid stretch in the entire summer).  Today, everything was made right. 
I would not have survived these two weeks without my parents.  They were my right hand, my left hand, and hands I didn't even know I had or needed.  They took care of the kids, they played with the kids, sewed with the kids, they cooked dinner for us when there was no possible way I could (without me even asking), they set up a spa for me in their basement after a really long day.  Having them 3 miles away is one of the biggest blessings of my (our) life.  Thanks mom and dad.  Welcome home Tom. 

Thursday August 28

Today was the annual shopping for school supplies at grandpa's co-op!  It was a big outing for Noah, and he did great!  After the shopping we even headed to Byron Center for our THIRD ice cream of the week with grandma and grandpa Bonnema!  It must me summer vacation!!

Wednesday August 27

Some weeks require two trips to Captain Sundae.  This was one of those weeks.  After a day of class and a kick off at Hope for me this was the perfect ending for the day.  I met the kids and my parents here on my way home and we all (not mom) enjoyed some ice cream! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday August 26

Since Noah has been sick, we have been spending quite a bit of time at home.  While I'm at work, the kids venture to grandma and grandpa Mosher's house (or we all venture there for a 'cool' dinner), but otherwise, we have been laying low!  Today we decided we needed an adventure, so we built this 'nest' in the basement.  We are enjoying snuggling up and watching our favorite shows in there! 

Monday August 25

Monday after a day at work I took sweet and sick Noah to the doctor.  From there we moved to the hospital for a chest xray.  The poor guy has pneumonia!  He has been so sick, we are thankful for a diagnosis and medication to help him heal.  While we waited for his prescription to be ready (I was a bit impatient), I decided it called for a Captain Sundae run.  That has been known to cure many things!  We ate in the car because of his horrible cough (and the AC works, which as Ernie mentioned, the one at home does not!). 

Sunday August 24

Today was hot because our air conditioning is broken especially because I have a fur coat! Grandma and Grandpa lent us a big fan that mommy had when she was a kid. Don't I look like a movie star? That fan sure had force, though.  I was still awesome! I hope it cools off soon!
By: Ernie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Saturday August 23

Today, since we hadn't done the lemonade stand yet, we decided to try. Last year we made 30 dollars so we each got ten dollars. After and hour and a half we had only about five dollars. :( We knew we would not be able to divide five dollars in half, so we divided to do it again tomorrow. Also, we thought that we were only out there for a hour and a half, so we had to keep going. Lemonade we only 50 cents, but most people gave us more than that and said to keep the change. It was really hot out so we had to move into the shade halfway through ( hence that we are in the shade in the photo). Whenever a car would start to drive down the street, we would  hold up the sign until they passed. We had such a fun day.