Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tomorrow is a special day at school for Sophie. Not only will she be the only Bonnema triplet in school (the other two are still down for the count...yes, both Noah AND Abby are still/now fighting fevers/colds/coughs) sigh, but she got to make a poster all about her and bring a special snack for estimating time in math. She worked all weekend on her poster and is so excited and proud. She did a wonderful job! She is amazing.

Even sick, they are all so precious!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok, I uploaded my pictures FINALLY..will I find where they are ever again I do not know! But, here is a photo update of what we've been up to lately!!

Meeting up with the Falkowski's (Maryland) while in Chicago with Bill, Joan and the kids!

The kids LOVE Chicago with Bill and Joan! A true highlight of the year for them!

Crazy hair/hat day at school!

Crazy 'monsters' the kids designed (fabric, body type, eyes, etc) and mom and I sewed (thanks mom!) Can you guess who picked which one!?

My mom is amazing (she sewed these!)! Abby's birthday gifts.


Celebrating the kids 6th birthday at dinner in Grandville (we spent a night at a water park hotel, it was amazing!)

This past week was full of fever and kleenex! Sophie was home sick Mon-Wed, they were all in school Thursday and then Abby was home Friday!! Noah started it all, but has yet to get a fever, just a cold! I must admit as long of a week as it is with sick kids, there is a part of me that treasures the time to just snuggle up under a blanket with my 6 year olds!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long overdue hugs!

Wow! It's been a very long time!! I am so sorry! We have had computer problems (in the shop and now fixed but WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYTHING....LIKE MY PHOTO PROGRAM??) and even lost my camera for a few days before it turned up again at the restaurant in Grandville where I knew I left it! Even now, I am re installing my Nikon photo software in hopes of being able to upload and hopefully share the 134 pictures I have on my camera!!
Since I last posted we have been to Detroit twice (fun with my parents while Tom was in Vegas, and an awesome weekend with the Bolt's), as well as to Chicago with Bill and Joan, I did a lecture to ~50 women about reducing our environmental impact, the kids turned SIX (6)!!!!!!!!!! and we celebrated with a night at a water park hotel in GR, I went to see Jamie Oliver and Ryan Seacrest on Oprah last week (Show to air March 22) I (heart) Jamie Oliver!!!, I've done some sewing, we celebrated 'love' day by doing the 'walk for warmth' in Zeeland and visiting the local hospital with toys/coloring books for the kids, I'm adjusting to working a second job at Hope, we're enjoying our 'Sunday night Movie night' as often as possible, we're taking every possible moment to soak up the winter sun that occasionally shines through the windows....
I read that today is ' International mother language day' a day to celebrate the history and diversity present in our many world languages. Then, I saw the graphic above and loved it! Have you seen this amazing company run by a local woman? Love it!!
Well, that's it for my photo-less update, I'll be back soon!!!
Blessings everyone!