Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday Tradition

We started back up last years Wednesday tradition....I pick the kids up from school and we fill the 30 minutes before religious ed with a quick trip to the beach. No matter the weather. Yesterday we watched the rain roll in with a walk out to the pier. It is such a great way to fill those minutes being together, laughing, and getting fresh air!

A blur of happiness...

The past two weeks have past in a blur of happiness.....

A change of travel plans and last minute flight to Los Angeles

A couple of days to relax and play with my beautiful sister Martha.

Being present for the birth of my new niece Chessa Noelle. Words cannot explain: beauty, peace, miracle.....

"Girls Night" at the hospital (Chuck and the kids had 'movie night' at home, so I was on hospital duty for a few hours). We chatted, stared in awe at Chessa, shared sprite and was perfect.

Special time with Adelee and Gordie while their mommy and daddy were in the hospital. Including baseball and frisbee, a trip to make fossils, a walk to Whole Foods for flowers, and making welcome home signs!

Wonderful time playing, eating (amazing restaraunt) and exploring Santa Monica with Laura, Ben, Amelia, and Annemieke!

After the fun in LA, I sure missed my kids. I was happy to get home to celebrate 'hot chocolate Friday' with them!

And to attend Noah's 2nd flag football game on Saturday (Coach Tom!)

As September winds down, I am so thankful for the precious memories that were made this month. Treasured moments.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The first week!

Whew! For as much as I dread the start of the first week of school, I am very happy to have it behind us. The kids had a great week with exciting things to report each day including the use of their new planner, caterpillars on recess, the new tricks they learned on the parallel bars, soccer games with friends on recess, art class, and tons of new Spanish words and phrases. But, it was exhausting! The kids come home tired and very hungry. It's hard to do homework when it's 75 degrees out and there is fun to be had! And honestly, mommy is working hard to get used to her new schedule and classes at Hope too (I come home tired and hungry and not really wanting to do homework!!). We were so excited for Friday and decided to reinstate a tradition from their Kindergarten year, 'Hot Chocolate Fridays' (it does sound much better when the temps dip!). Each week that the kids stay on 'green light' all week in school (no warnings...or worse!) we go for hot chocolate on Friday. We search high and low for new places and new things to try!
Over the weekend we attended Hope College's 'Community Day' picnic and football game.
We also enjoyed time with my parents at their new house!
It was really the first year we talked much to the kids about September 11. I particularly liked this cartoon from Sunday morning:
I spent time Sunday holding my kids close. We put out the flag together. We discussed heroes. We talked about service. We prayed. We heard a message of forgiveness at church (the readings in the Catholic church are pre set for the year, it happened that the readings for Sunday September 11 discussed forgiveness.) We remembered.

Bring on week #2, we are ready! This week we look forward to the start of flag football for Noah and Coach Tom!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd Grade

The kids woke up excited and ready to go this morning. 2nd grade was calling! They couldn't wait to see their friends, their teacher, and start the new adventure.

On the way to the bus stop I asked Noah (who was walking next to me) to walk up ahead with his sisters for a picture. He did. A minute later he said, "Mom, are you done taking the picture?" I responded, "yes". He said, "Good, because I'm going to walk back by you so I can spend every minute next to you before school"

I could not speak, only wrap my 'youngest' in my arm and walk the rest of the way to the bus stop.

After school the kids ran to me from the bus and all three of them hugged me. They were all smiles with stories to tell about technology class, name tags, and their new planners! The next question was when we could go to grandma and grandpa Mosher's NEW house in HOLLAND! My parents received the keys to their new home last night about 8pm. The truck delivered their stuff today. We packed our 'after school snack' and drove the 2 miles to their house to share it with grandma (my dad is in Ann Arbor working, as it will be a weekend home for the next year before they both retire for good). It was amazing! Welcome to Holland Mom and Dad.

Welcome to 2nd grade my precious kids!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye summer....

We checked everything off of our summer list 2011. We made even more memories. I wrote down over 200 'gifts' or moments that I am thankful for this summer, little snapshots saved...treasured. I love summer, I love having my kids home with me. Yes, it's loud and crazy and some days I admit to pulling my hair out. Overall though, I love having them close. I love random hugs and kisses in the middle of a Wednesday. Today as we wound down summer vacation I was almost too busy to be sad for long. I had a class to teach at Hope (they are open today), my parents got in to their house in Holland for the first time (yeah!!), and it made for a busy day. Tonight as all is quiet I'm not sobbing like last year. My heart is heavy and I am sure a few tears will fall, but I am choosing to treasure the moments, the memories, the laughter and fun of our summer. Tomorrow starts 2nd grade, and with it will come an entirely new set of joys and memories. Tonight I am peaceful, and very, very thankful. Goodnight Summer Vacation, see you next year.

Guest Blogger: Noah

We went to the cottage with the whole Bonnema and Lappenga family. I took this picture from the window of the adults talking on the deck.

Me holding Annemieke.

Grandpa and Dad grilling my favorite burgers in the world!

Tori playing the clarinet.

We had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Annemieke is here!

We are thrilled to have Laura, Ben, Amelia and Annemieke in Michigan for a couple of weeks! Our new niece is amazing!!

Annapolis part 2: Baltimore

While on vacation in Maryland we were able to spend a day in Baltimore. It was the first time the kids had visited that city. We visited and toured Camden yards (awesome!) and the Inner Harbor (where we hunkered down during an hour plus thunder storm). It was amazing!! What a perfect trip with wonderful friends! Summer Memories!