Monday, September 12, 2011

The first week!

Whew! For as much as I dread the start of the first week of school, I am very happy to have it behind us. The kids had a great week with exciting things to report each day including the use of their new planner, caterpillars on recess, the new tricks they learned on the parallel bars, soccer games with friends on recess, art class, and tons of new Spanish words and phrases. But, it was exhausting! The kids come home tired and very hungry. It's hard to do homework when it's 75 degrees out and there is fun to be had! And honestly, mommy is working hard to get used to her new schedule and classes at Hope too (I come home tired and hungry and not really wanting to do homework!!). We were so excited for Friday and decided to reinstate a tradition from their Kindergarten year, 'Hot Chocolate Fridays' (it does sound much better when the temps dip!). Each week that the kids stay on 'green light' all week in school (no warnings...or worse!) we go for hot chocolate on Friday. We search high and low for new places and new things to try!
Over the weekend we attended Hope College's 'Community Day' picnic and football game.
We also enjoyed time with my parents at their new house!
It was really the first year we talked much to the kids about September 11. I particularly liked this cartoon from Sunday morning:
I spent time Sunday holding my kids close. We put out the flag together. We discussed heroes. We talked about service. We prayed. We heard a message of forgiveness at church (the readings in the Catholic church are pre set for the year, it happened that the readings for Sunday September 11 discussed forgiveness.) We remembered.

Bring on week #2, we are ready! This week we look forward to the start of flag football for Noah and Coach Tom!


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

Well, gonna be a little crazier of a week 2 then you expected :-) But at least you will be in sunny So Cal!! Love you!