Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A weekend away

Tom and I were able to celebrate a belated 11th anniversary with a night away in Traverse City this past weekend. It was the perfect weekend. The kids had a BLAST with my parents (THANK YOU!) in Livonia (and Dearborn, and Ann Arbor...).

This was the amazing view (below) of the vineyard from our balcony! It was the quietest place on earth.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know, I know

I apologize for the lack of blog updating. It's not because we've been doing nothing photo worthy. Quite the opposite, we have been racing through summer vacation! Some days I feel like we are racing a bit too fast. I long for the lazy slow days of summer with visits to the beach and park hopping. But, even in our craziness we have been having a blast. We have been camping twice, played t-ball, took swimming lessons, all 3 have attended Hope Science Camp, vacation bible school, an amazing 4th of July trip to Annapolis, a weekend at the cottage, my birthday and our anniversary, picked tart cherries and blueberries, Noah played basketball, and today the girls finished up Volleyball camp. Tomorrow at noon we are officially done with camps, and in some ways the other part of our vacation will begin. Enjoy a small glimpse into the joys we've had thus far! If you're looking for us next week we'll either be in our jammies on the couch or at the beach!

One of Tom's favorite places on Earth, the Falkowski's in Maryland

Noah's cannonball off the diving board at the cottage!

On the boat at the cottage

The kids in Maryland...treasured friends!

On the boat in Maryland!

The girls go for a ball...together...they call it "mine, mine, mine" together and go for it together. I'm not a volleyball expert but I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to go. But, it is adorable!
Noah and his buddies after basketball camp
A visit to Jackson to spend time with great-grandpa
Giggles with Aunt Laura at the cottage (Sophie)