Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Cousin Fun!!

We have had the most wonderful past 9 days! Martha and her family drove across the country and stayed with us! We packed every moment with fun, laughter, craziness, and adventures. It was (and is, we still have another week of fun to be had!) amazing to see our kids get reacquainted and fall in to an amazing friendship/love. It was so fun to pick up with my sister like we'd never been apart. Here are a few highlights from our time, with more to come (see Martha's blog too).

Gordie and Noah in the same jammies, purchased on opposite sides of the country!

Family Ice Skating!! Noah skated like a pro...too fast for his slow mom to keep up!

The girls loved their first time!
Dance Party USA!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A fairytale Princess, a unicorn, and a lego :)

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend that started with a Fall Fun Night at the kids's school on Friday. They had a blast, and loved showing grandma and grandpa B. around their school! Saturday my parents came over and we had a relaxing fun day. At night we trick or treated around our neighborhood (farther than we've gone before!), visited our friends the Bolt's for pumpkin soup (labeled a tradition by the kids..our 2nd year) and ended the night by visiting my Aunt and Uncle (a ~10 year tradition). The kids say it was the best Halloween ever! They managed to crash quickly despite the crazy sugar high they were on! Tom and I even mustered the strength to go out to the bar for a couple of drinks after the kids were in bed (thanks to my parents for babysitting!). Today we enjoyed a traditional "sweatsuit Sunday" after church we put on sweats and relax. No laundry, no errands, only fun, relaxing family time. We also try to do a family hike each week, today we visited Kirk Park (between Holland and Grand Haven) for an amazing hike along Lake Michigan.
What fun!! Have a wonderful week!!