Saturday, August 28, 2010

Check it off the list!

You may not know that we have a wonderful 'to do this summer' list on our basement door. It's full of silly, fun, amazing things we wanted to do this summer. We're doing pretty well checking things off too. One major item that was left was 'horseback riding'. According to Abby, this could not be in a circle, it must be on a trail. That's not an easy task for 3- 6 1/2 year olds and an inexperienced mom! Tom is up north golfing/fantasy football drafting (why does this draft require an overnight??) so the kids and I took off to Allegan to tackle the horseback riding task. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about being the only parent, what if someone changed their mind? What if someone got scared? What if someone just plain decided they didn't want to go? Well, none of these things happened and we had the most amazing 1 hour trail ride. It was relaxing and fun. The kids loved every minute of it. They controlled their own horse (stopped them from eating, guided them back in to line, stopped them, started them, turned them), asked wonderful questions of the guide, were peaceful and quiet at times, looked at dragonflies, frogs and birds. Aside from a little soreness (ahem!) I was completely at peace for the entire hour. It was one of my favorite moments of the summer.

All 3 pre-ride
Abby on 'Bulldozer'
Sophie on 'Silly-Sally'
Noah on 'Mally'
The ride
The family after a wonderful ride (fyi my horse is named 'Trouble' and yes, I was a bit nervous about that!)

Friday, August 27, 2010

August is speeding by....

Wow! Is it the end of August??? We are trying to milk every last moment out of summer vacation, and have had a wonderful month. Here are some of the best moments...

A 'mini' park hopping day with good friend!
Awesome carved bird exhibit in Grand Haven.
Abby is very in to birds these days, and this is her current favorite, the "common redpoll"

Abby learned to knit and is working on a scarf (amazing!)

Sophie learned to knit a few days before Abby, and is also making an amazing scarf!

Abby painting a picture

Of triplet 'grandpa Bob's' in a hot air balloon (because they don't have hair)

Peach and Raspberry picking in Fennville with wonderful friends (it was HOT!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Half Birthday and Camping fun!

Making the half birthday cake (Barefoot Contessa...yummy!)
Decorating and eating the cake with friend Ella!

The new TRIPLE Lane slip and slide! BIG FUN!!!
It is sure hard to believe my babies turned 6 1/2 last week. I must admit I am struggling a bit with the 1st grade (all day) thing. I never thought the days would go this fast.
Annual camping trip in Pentwater with my family.
Abby spends a lot of time drawing in her new sketchbook!

Sophie reading, Ernie 'camping'
Getting ready for the paper airplane contest!!

Highly anticipated annual go-karts. Abby and Grandpa.
Sophie and daddy.
Noah and grandma.
The teams!
Aside from the annoyingly annual thunderstorm, it was an amazing weekend in very special Pentwater. My grandpa makes the trip every year which makes it even more sweet. Growing up we spent a lot of time at my grandparents cottage in Pentwater and this weekend logs even more amazing family memories in a wonderful, special place.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2nd Annual Park Hopping Day

Monday we woke up, packed lunches and left the house to beat our 'park hopping' record from last year. Last year we hit 6 parks in one day. This year we hit....

Number One

Number two

Number three

Number four

Number five

Number six (picnic with daddy in Grand Haven)

Number seven

Number eight

Number nine

NUMBER TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We returned home about 5:00 exhausted and happy!! How will we ever top this???

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ottawa County Fair!!

The fair was in town last week and as we passed it everyday the kids could hardly stand the wait until Thursday night. We had an amazing time full of thrill rides, giggles, fair food, and hugs! We were shocked to discover their passion for the crazy scrambler as well as the 'Tornado'. Tom, Joan and I were shocked to learn how quickly we felt dizzy and nauseous as they begged to go again!! As we left they lamented how much they would miss the fair, and how long it seems until it arrives next summer.

The girls ride the Scrambler
Daddy and Noah

Sophie and mommy ride the Scrambler...AGAIN

Sophie after a Scrambler ride!
No hands!!

Tom and the girls ride the Scrambler....AGAIN!
Finally, I got to ride with Noah!

Abby remembered this donkey from last year and we had to find it!!

Abby drags me on to the Tornado for a second time.

Thanks for a great night Grandma and Grandpa B!