Friday, August 27, 2010

August is speeding by....

Wow! Is it the end of August??? We are trying to milk every last moment out of summer vacation, and have had a wonderful month. Here are some of the best moments...

A 'mini' park hopping day with good friend!
Awesome carved bird exhibit in Grand Haven.
Abby is very in to birds these days, and this is her current favorite, the "common redpoll"

Abby learned to knit and is working on a scarf (amazing!)

Sophie learned to knit a few days before Abby, and is also making an amazing scarf!

Abby painting a picture

Of triplet 'grandpa Bob's' in a hot air balloon (because they don't have hair)

Peach and Raspberry picking in Fennville with wonderful friends (it was HOT!)


Kaiton Family said...

Oh my goodness they have grown up so much this summer! Adorable!