Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Half Birthday and Camping fun!

Making the half birthday cake (Barefoot Contessa...yummy!)
Decorating and eating the cake with friend Ella!

The new TRIPLE Lane slip and slide! BIG FUN!!!
It is sure hard to believe my babies turned 6 1/2 last week. I must admit I am struggling a bit with the 1st grade (all day) thing. I never thought the days would go this fast.
Annual camping trip in Pentwater with my family.
Abby spends a lot of time drawing in her new sketchbook!

Sophie reading, Ernie 'camping'
Getting ready for the paper airplane contest!!

Highly anticipated annual go-karts. Abby and Grandpa.
Sophie and daddy.
Noah and grandma.
The teams!
Aside from the annoyingly annual thunderstorm, it was an amazing weekend in very special Pentwater. My grandpa makes the trip every year which makes it even more sweet. Growing up we spent a lot of time at my grandparents cottage in Pentwater and this weekend logs even more amazing family memories in a wonderful, special place.


joan b. said...

Lots of happy times for you this summer :) Glad you're enjoying your 'new' camper so much! The kids were full of stories about Pentwater and their 1/2 birthday!

joan b. said...

Camping with Grandpa & Grandma in their new camper - can't beat that! Fun pictures again :)

And it's hard to believe they're 6 1/2 years old already - half way to being teenagers!!!