Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ottawa County Fair!!

The fair was in town last week and as we passed it everyday the kids could hardly stand the wait until Thursday night. We had an amazing time full of thrill rides, giggles, fair food, and hugs! We were shocked to discover their passion for the crazy scrambler as well as the 'Tornado'. Tom, Joan and I were shocked to learn how quickly we felt dizzy and nauseous as they begged to go again!! As we left they lamented how much they would miss the fair, and how long it seems until it arrives next summer.

The girls ride the Scrambler
Daddy and Noah

Sophie and mommy ride the Scrambler...AGAIN

Sophie after a Scrambler ride!
No hands!!

Tom and the girls ride the Scrambler....AGAIN!
Finally, I got to ride with Noah!

Abby remembered this donkey from last year and we had to find it!!

Abby drags me on to the Tornado for a second time.

Thanks for a great night Grandma and Grandpa B!


joan b. said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!