Saturday, November 24, 2012

We are here and we are thankful!

 The kids spent some time this weekend reading old blog posts in our book.  It made me sad to think that the last post I had done was in early October!  I will admit honestly that this fall has gotten the best of me!  It has been very very busy.  I guess that has made us cherish this Thanksgiving weekend even more.  We have enjoyed baking pumpkin pancakes, "grandma's little rolls" (my grandma Jane Mosher's recipe), and pumpkin pie (my grandma Jane Mosher's recipe).  We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving dinner here with my parents using grandma Bonnema's beautiful plates.  We enjoyed a great soup 'supper' with the Bonnema's.  (Note:  I struggle to understand the definitions of dinner and supper, I really do).  We enjoyed snuggles, reading, hot chocolate, sleeping in, movies, football, knitting and a tiny bit of shopping.  We are blessed and we are thankful! 
(I tried to post pics but apparently I am over my storage limit.  I tried deleting some of my old posts, which are printed, to no avail.  I have the option of paying for more storage...  Anyone else run in to this?)