Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last week was full of adventures!
I was in DC for a wonderful conference and enjoyed an amazing Indian lunch, a reception of the Capitol (in the fog), and an amazing tea bar at the conference hotel.
Back home in Holland my dad enjoyed a before school breakfast with the kids (and me) on Friday morning.
The kids jogged ~2 miles during their school fundraiser Friday afternoon (so thankful for a flexible enough schedule that allows me to attend many of these events)
Saturday after the football game my parents, my aunt, the kids and I headed to ArtPrize in GR.  The kids really wanted to see the winner....it was a nearly 3 hour process of getting through the art museum...but well worth it! 
Noah spent the night with a friend Saturday night and under the careful watch of the parent, learned how to shoot a bow (sigh).
During the slumber party the girls and I enjoyed a little quality time at Qdoba!
Special hot chocolate with special Sophie Grace. 


Lots of football around here these days!  Friday night the Rocket Football teams were recognized at the West Ottawa Varsity Football game.  Noah loved having a special evening with grandma and grandpa Mosher and me!  (Tom was a deer camp)  Saturday morning Noah's team scored their first touchdown of the season (Tom drove back down for the game)!  It was very exciting, despite the rain/sleet!!  The final score was 6-6, but it was still a 'victory' for our team! 

End of September!

Blessings from the last week in September!
A homemade pop tart for an after school snack!
Abby gets to change her earrings for the first time! 
Abby and Sophie NOT watching Noah's football scrimmage in Allendale :) 
Sophie knitting a poncho for her American Girl Doll.
Sophie playing at the park on a Friday night!
I even took a turn on the swings!
A break for Kilwins while waiting in line at the GRAM during Artprize with my friend Amy!