Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last week was full of adventures!
I was in DC for a wonderful conference and enjoyed an amazing Indian lunch, a reception of the Capitol (in the fog), and an amazing tea bar at the conference hotel.
Back home in Holland my dad enjoyed a before school breakfast with the kids (and me) on Friday morning.
The kids jogged ~2 miles during their school fundraiser Friday afternoon (so thankful for a flexible enough schedule that allows me to attend many of these events)
Saturday after the football game my parents, my aunt, the kids and I headed to ArtPrize in GR.  The kids really wanted to see the winner....it was a nearly 3 hour process of getting through the art museum...but well worth it! 
Noah spent the night with a friend Saturday night and under the careful watch of the parent, learned how to shoot a bow (sigh).
During the slumber party the girls and I enjoyed a little quality time at Qdoba!
Special hot chocolate with special Sophie Grace. 


joan b. said...

LOVE the pics! I need to check your blog more often...

The memorial service for your Grandpa was so nice - very personal. Your kids have wonderful memories of time with him, his gifts to them, and especially the plans he made for their visit to Arizona. He was a wonderful great-grandpa!