Saturday, May 11, 2013

A 'Wonder-full' Week

A beautiful week full of new pottery (Abby etched the owl in to a mug I 'threw' and my first tea kettle), elephant ears at tulip time, a baby bird spotted by Abby, the kids at a Hope baseball game, and a waiting mother's day gift from Noah. 
 We are in a busy sports season of life.  I'm not an over-scheduler but these are busy days full of baseball practice for Noah, TTQ for Noah (a 5K training program after school), and soccer for the girls.  It makes meal planning a challenge, homework time difficult, and down time almost non existent.  But, we love it.  The kids love playing, and we love watching them.  Such fun! (all of these pictures are not from this week!)
Noah gets a hit.  Note the 3rd base coach!

Sophie played goalie in their game today. 

Noah almost to the finish line of the Tulip Time 5K.

The cheering squad!

The girls!






Noah scores!
I am blessed. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dutch Day!

In their Dutch Costumes before school.

Marching in the Kinderparade with their classmates!
Tired kids enjoying a Captain Sundae after the parade!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonder-full weeks

A fun 'tulip time' day with good friends!

Kids dressed for 'Cinco de Mayo' on grandpa M.'s birthday.  A tiny tea kettle charm I made in pottery class.  Sunshine at soccer practice.  My big kids at their 9 year doctor appt.  Sweet note in my office.  Noah enjoying a treat at the 'Queen's Day Abdication Party'. 

A wonderful weekend in Detroit with two amazing girlfriends.  Great food, great shopping, great sights, and great conversation!

I am blessed.