Sunday, January 27, 2013

While daddy's away...

We will play!!  We enjoyed Noah's first basketball game of the season! 

The above shot was his first basket of the season!

My parents and I took the kids cross country skiing for the first time today!  We went 2-3 miles and they did great!!  It was so fun!!

(besides these two things we also:  went to the girls basketball clinic, Sophie enjoyed a birthday outing with grandma B at Paint a Pot, the rest of us had lunch at Frank's in Zeeland, we discovered the joy of 'Perler beads', the girls sang a '3rd grade solo' in church (6 girls), a couple of movie nights and of course, lots of snuggles!)

R and R

Last week we enjoyed a half day (scheduled) and a snowday!  We savored the time to snuggle up and read!!

Update from the past!

Early in Jan. Sophie was home sick for a day and enjoyed some Ernie snuggles!  Noah was the student of the week!  Abby made homemade bird food, which has attracted MANY wonderful birds!!