Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A fairytale Princess, a unicorn, and a lego :)

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend that started with a Fall Fun Night at the kids's school on Friday. They had a blast, and loved showing grandma and grandpa B. around their school! Saturday my parents came over and we had a relaxing fun day. At night we trick or treated around our neighborhood (farther than we've gone before!), visited our friends the Bolt's for pumpkin soup (labeled a tradition by the kids..our 2nd year) and ended the night by visiting my Aunt and Uncle (a ~10 year tradition). The kids say it was the best Halloween ever! They managed to crash quickly despite the crazy sugar high they were on! Tom and I even mustered the strength to go out to the bar for a couple of drinks after the kids were in bed (thanks to my parents for babysitting!). Today we enjoyed a traditional "sweatsuit Sunday" after church we put on sweats and relax. No laundry, no errands, only fun, relaxing family time. We also try to do a family hike each week, today we visited Kirk Park (between Holland and Grand Haven) for an amazing hike along Lake Michigan.
What fun!! Have a wonderful week!!


Kaiton Family said...

Looks a little cold there for Halloween!

Missed you guys this year! Great costumes!

Love you