Saturday, October 17, 2009


We are loving fall!! School continues to go well for the kids! They love it, and they are doing very well according to their teacher at Parent-Teacher Conferences. I enjoyed attending their field trip to Post Family Farm earlier this month. Riding the bus with the kids was a riot! It was fun to put faces with names of their friends!
The girls finished up soccer today with a victory, and a goal scored by Sophie! Both of them learned so much and had a blast! Noah continues to love his 'football skills' class with Tom on Thursday nights. I was able to go watch once when the soccer practice was rained out! The kids have had such a wonderful cheering section this fall, Grandma and Grandpa Bonnema, Grandma and Grandpa Mosher, even Great-Grandpa Low made it to a game! It made the kids feel so special to have such fans!
We also enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my parents in town and another trip to Post Family Farm!
Today we were able to do something I have never done before..we picked concord grapes. It was amazing!! Beautiful, aromatic, and such fun. The kids were thrilled to use "snippers" to cut the grape clusters, and did a great job. In about 20 minutes we had picked 35 pounds. We look forward to making jam, pie, and juice tomorrow!
I hope you are all having a wonderful fall! Blessings!

(note: for some reason it won't let me upload the other 5 pictures I wanted to post!!)


joan b. said...

Yum! Bet the kids will be eager to share the bounty and ask me to sample the jam and juice :). Pie, too?

It was great fun to watch the girls play soccer and to catch Noah's clinic last week - love their energy!

Marva's "Marvalous" Memories said...

I saw a picture of the grape jam on Joan's site - boy, you stay as busy as she does!!

Marva's "Marvalous" Memories said...

I've tried 4 times now and I can't publish a comment - grrrrr!! Looks like you're keeping busy!