Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd Grade

The kids woke up excited and ready to go this morning. 2nd grade was calling! They couldn't wait to see their friends, their teacher, and start the new adventure.

On the way to the bus stop I asked Noah (who was walking next to me) to walk up ahead with his sisters for a picture. He did. A minute later he said, "Mom, are you done taking the picture?" I responded, "yes". He said, "Good, because I'm going to walk back by you so I can spend every minute next to you before school"

I could not speak, only wrap my 'youngest' in my arm and walk the rest of the way to the bus stop.

After school the kids ran to me from the bus and all three of them hugged me. They were all smiles with stories to tell about technology class, name tags, and their new planners! The next question was when we could go to grandma and grandpa Mosher's NEW house in HOLLAND! My parents received the keys to their new home last night about 8pm. The truck delivered their stuff today. We packed our 'after school snack' and drove the 2 miles to their house to share it with grandma (my dad is in Ann Arbor working, as it will be a weekend home for the next year before they both retire for good). It was amazing! Welcome to Holland Mom and Dad.

Welcome to 2nd grade my precious kids!


joan b. said...

Welcome to Holland, Bob & Nancy! It's wonderful to have you nearby!

The kids really love school, don't they. It was great to see them get off the bus on Wednesday - such excitement :)