Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok, I uploaded my pictures FINALLY..will I find where they are ever again I do not know! But, here is a photo update of what we've been up to lately!!

Meeting up with the Falkowski's (Maryland) while in Chicago with Bill, Joan and the kids!

The kids LOVE Chicago with Bill and Joan! A true highlight of the year for them!

Crazy hair/hat day at school!

Crazy 'monsters' the kids designed (fabric, body type, eyes, etc) and mom and I sewed (thanks mom!) Can you guess who picked which one!?

My mom is amazing (she sewed these!)! Abby's birthday gifts.


Celebrating the kids 6th birthday at dinner in Grandville (we spent a night at a water park hotel, it was amazing!)

This past week was full of fever and kleenex! Sophie was home sick Mon-Wed, they were all in school Thursday and then Abby was home Friday!! Noah started it all, but has yet to get a fever, just a cold! I must admit as long of a week as it is with sick kids, there is a part of me that treasures the time to just snuggle up under a blanket with my 6 year olds!


joan b. said...

Great pictures and great memories of our Chicago trip :)

Yes, your mom is amazing - she even likes to bake cookies with three two-year-olds! Your kids are blessed to have such a talented and caring grandma!