Thursday, June 21, 2007

Joining the blogging world

Hello! Today is my first day with a blog. We have family all across the country so this will be a great way to keep everyone in touch. I might as well give it a try! Enjoy!
We had a playdate today with two other sets of triplets, it was a riot to see all the kids together! After bedrest, phone calls, prayers, and support we were so blessed to have a house full of healthy, happy, energetic kids! God is good!


Laura said...

Yippeee! Another blog to check daily. I love it! Great picture of the hands. This will be great. You know that you have to post things often as to not disappoint your readers, right?!? :)

joan bonnema said...

Yeah, Anna! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. You're off to a great start and you'll have lots of material to post with your kids and all their activities!

Triplet Mom said...

Now that is fast! We were just talking about it this afternoon, and BAM! You have a blog! I guess you weren't as tired as I was this evening. What a great time we had today. Thank you so much for hosting.
- Stacey