Friday, August 31, 2007

The Bonnema Infirmary

My poor kiddos! Two of the three (it's only a matter of time for Abby) have come down with Hand-Foot-Mouth "disease". They are doing ok (even played outside a bit before naps) except for having very very sore mouths! They are a bit pickier about what they will eat and drink, and have a difficult time sleeping. I can't blame them! Nothing the doctor can do, but give suggestions on ways to ease their discomfort. They expect it to last about 5 days. Prayers for a quick, painless recovery for my sweethearts!


joan bonnema said...

Oh, no - poor kids! They were so full of energy on Monday - hope Sophie and Noah are already feeling better and that somehow Abby can avoid it. Give them hugs for me!

Laura said...

I know that they don't feel well, but it is kind of precious how they were all on the couches/chair with their pillows and b's. :) Hope they feel better soon!
Love from Seattle!