Friday, October 19, 2007


The kids have a Spanish 'tutor' on Friday afternoons. They have a great time, and are learning some words from a native speaker (who isn't Dora or Diego!). What a riot!

AND in other news: I have been given the green light to get lasik eye surgery. My surgeon shared my case with several other doctors, and they feel I am a perfect candidate. I'm scheduled for Friday November 2. Yippee!!


Kaiton Family said...


Laura said...

Great news about the eye surgery! Can't wait to see the new (and glasses-less) you at Christmas!

Louise Zeeff said...

Too cute--We think that the children will be fourth grade ready, before they start kintergarten. Isn't it wonderful that they have such wonderful minds so that they can learn like that? Keep the blogs coming-we love them. love to all Grandma Z.