Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The yard

The mess from the storm is slowly getting cleaned up. They came to take out the fallen 'branch' as well as the rest of the tree. The tree experts labeled it "unsafe". I am happy that we were able to have it taken care of, but it was a bit sad to see such a big old tree taken down. We are now adjusting to the new look of our yard. FYI they will be back to grind down the stump soon! Next step will be to get the patio wall re built.


joan b. said...

Wow! What a lot of pictures I've missed over the last week - you sure crammed a lot in Tom's week off! I love the pink plane that was Abby's favorite and all the pics of the kids in the cockpits, etc.

Your park-like backyard has a new look, that's for sure. Glad the mess is getting cleaned up.

The fourth of July cake looks wonderful - forgot to have a slice on Monday....

Such fun, summertime activities! Keep the posts coming :)