Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new chapter

The kids had a wonderful first day of 1st grade. They woke up doing the "1st day of school dance" (then climbing in to bed with us for some precious pre-school snuggles). They marched right on to the bus and off they went. Just like that. Because they go to another elementary school (not our neighborhood school) for Spanish Immersion they had to switch buses on the way to school and on the way home. They followed directions and did great. They got off the bus this afternoon tired, but full of stories of their first day of school. They loved lunch at school, 2 recesses, Spanish class, speaking Spanish in class, seeing their friends, snack.....the list goes on and on.
I cried a little today and counted the moments until they got home. But then, I savored the snuggles, the smell of their hair, the stories, the excitement...the new chapter.

(Auntie Martha MADE the girls dresses!! Thank you!!)


Kaiton Family said...

Amazing! I'm pretty much speechless, but I had to leave a comment on such an important post! I love you! You are a great mom! Kiss those 1st graders for me! xoxo

joan b. said...

How wonderful that your sadness over the kids being gone all day is balanced by their excitement about being in first grade! Their enthusiasm is contagious :)

Jenny and Nelly said...

I LOVE the dresses!! And yes, tears came to my eyes thinking of this new transition for you. : ) xo