Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We love him anyway

I apologize in advance for those of you who don't care about things related to our dog. But, I do. You may not know that I've always wanted a scruffy "Benji' looking dog. I have one in Ernie. Until his date with the worst groomer known to man (who works at Schmidt Veterinary Clinic in Holland, MI...DO NOT GO THERE). I specifically told her NOT to cut him like a poodle and to keep him scruffy. At 5:00 today we picked up our chocolate poodle. I kid you not.

Tonight he thought perhaps he had done something wrong (or perhaps he was embarrassed about his haircut) and was moping around. He LOVED snuggle time with Sophie...loved it. He laid like that for 15 minutes. It was adorable and they both cherished every moment.

Yep, we love him anyway.

Admit's bad isn't it?


Kaiton Family said...

I think he was trying to stay warm!!! But really Anna, he's still adorable!!! Once the shock wears out, you will think he is as cute as ever!!! Can't wait to cuddle that little guy!!!

joan b. said...

Poor Ernie....did you have to pay for the 'trim'? He's still cute - and cuddly :)