Thursday, June 30, 2011


This afternoon I dropped Noah off at his first sleep over at a friend's house. He was SO excited!! If my memory serves me, this is the first time the kids have slept apart since Abby was hospitalized with Pneumonia when she was 1 1/2. Noah was having no problem with this milestone, I on the other hand am struggling. It didn't help that when I dropped him off he ran in to the house with his friends. I yelled in the door, "Noah, come say good-bye" and he yelled back, "BYE!". That was it. No hug and kiss. Needless to say I cried quietly all the way to Michael's where the girls and I were starting our 'girls day' with a craft.

We are having a wonderful day which will include painting our nails, shopping, and snuggling up to watch Enchanted. The night will be topped off with me sleeping in their room, our own slumber party!

Have I mentioned how fast my kids are growing?