Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We are thankful for fun!

The kids with their 'fans' after their "Bring in the Harvest" play at school
Abby speaking her part (as a pea farmer)

Noah speaking his part as a distraught bean farmer who did not have a good harvest.

Sophie speaking her part (as a potato farmer)

Snuggles during 'Sunday night movie night' We love having our cousins here from LA!

The girls relax on Saturday morning while.....

Tom and Noah head to East Lansing for Noah's first MSU football game! Go STATE!!!!

We are so thankful this week! We are blessed beyond words.


joan b. said...

And we're thankful for you!

The kids had a great fan club at their program - how nice for them :) Sorry we missed it by a few hours...

(I've had trouble leaving comments...Blogger finally let me post one :)