Saturday, January 7, 2012


This morning at basketball Abby was putting on her shoes (slower than Sophie's velcro ones). Sophie sat down and said, "Want me to start tying this shoe?" Abby, "Sure, thanks" Teamwork, a gift.
The kids brought home their Christmas gifts for us yesterday. They made them over a period of 5 weeks in art class at school. We LOVE them. They learned about southwestern storytellers (google Helen Cordero and southwestern storytellers...very cool!) The premise is that it is an object, the teller, is telling a story to a smaller object, the teller. Helen Cordero created the first one for her grandfather who always had kids on him listening to his stories. The objects can be people or animals and the listeners can be placed anywhere on the teller. They are amazing!! We love reading to our kids and this is such a treasure!

L-R: Sophie's (turtles), Abby's (turtles), Noah's (daddy and Noah)