Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fun

Oh My!  In the past 5 days we have had so much fun!  I'm not taking as many pics with my phone to collage, so here's a bunch from my camera....capturing the moments of summer.  Savoring the moments of summer.  Loving every moment of this amazing summer. 

Summer List:  Cover the back patio in chalk!

The kids built an amazing fort.  It even held up in a terrible wind/thunder storm!

Summer List:  Make homemade Graham Crackers (Martha Stewart Living).  YUM!!

Summer List:  Create your own s'more.  (there was nutella and chocolate chip cookies involved...and homemade graham crackers!)  Yes, Noah's has 3 layers! 

Loving the farmers market!  Today we picked up all the veggies for 'Cheese Soup'.  The kids cut them all up and we had an amazing dinner.  With sweet, juicy yellow watermelon for dessert. 

With seeds to spit!


joan b. said...

LOVED the home-meade graham crackers! Thanks for sharing them and the fun with us :)