Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Sunday!

We are in the midst of a birthday marathon!  Today we visited DeVos Children's Hospital to drop off the birthday gifts the kids received to be donated from their party.  Today we even got to go up to the new NICU.  It was not the same place the kids were born, but still a potent reminder of where our miracles began. 

After the hospital visit, we started our second annual 'shopping day'.  We took the kids to 4-5 'mystery' locations to pick out a gift.  Today we visited 1. an antique store (max $5 to find a treasure)  2.  Schulers Books  3.  late lunch at 'On the Border'  4.  Clothes shopping  5.  Toys R Us

We are now at home enjoying a little 'super bowl party' (aka lots of junky snacks!) 

Such a blessed time, why not celebrate for 4 days straight! 


joan b. said...

Love all the pics, the birthday celebrations, and those precious 9-year-olds!