Sunday, March 24, 2013

What could you do?

Tonight at dinner we looked ahead to the last week of Lent.  We posed the question, "What could you do to make your school or classroom a better place this week?"  The kids thought for a moment, and their answers were full of beautiful simplicity:
A:  "I could play what my friends want to play while we are on recess."
S:  (after a little prompting from her sister) "I could go outside everyday this week to play with my friends" (vs staying inside to 'help' the teacher...which is wonderful but apparently causes her friends...and her sister to miss her)
N:  "I could offer to be the 'referee' in our 2 on 2 football tournament"  (apparently the same boy did it many days next week, and no one really wants that job...because they want to play!)

Abby making the lives of her feathered friends better by creating her own recipe for birdfood!

These simple and sweet answers caused me to think, making our lives better doesn't have to start with a large, grand or expensive project.  We can start in our homes, at our tables, or in this case on our playground.  What can you do this week to make the lives of those around you better?