Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Wonder-full week

In the midst of National sadness this week (my thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston and Texas) and the loss of a colleague at Hope (my thoughts and prayers are with his wife and four children) there was wonder to be found in my days. 

The first of the two new Frozen Yogurt places that opened this week in Holland!


Sophie's smile to start the day!

Abby carved an owl in to a mug I had thrown earlier in the day.  Love.

Looks like spring, but it doesn't feel like it!  Burrrr!

Grandpa love.

After another rainy (and snowy) week, this sky was a gift.

Abby reading her novel in Spanish during reading groups at school.
The second of two new "Fro yo" places in Holland!
I am blessed.