Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 13, 2013

One of the items on our 'fall list' is going to Captain Sundae for the last time.  Early last week the 'closing Sunday' sign went up, so we knew it was time.  Tom and I surprised the kids on Wednesday when we picked them up from Religious Ed at 6:00 and took them to Captain Sundae before dinner (for the last time).  Saturday night my parents were watching the kiddos and in spite of the cool temps, darkness, and rain the kids thought they should have dessert at Captain Sundae (for the last time), so they did.  Sunday we celebrated Joan's birthday in Holland, we enjoyed eating outside and a fire in the fire pit.  Since part of the family was sick, and we didn't have any dessert....we just had to head to Captain Sundae (for the last time of the season....#3)!!!  I'd say we thoroughly competed that item from the list!!