Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday June 16

One of my favorite things about summer vacation is having my kids home for lunch.  I love sharing meals with my kids and lunch is always the best in the summer.  We got home for lunch today and the kids started with the Italian Ice I had surprise purchased for them the night before.  They didn't think twice, just sat down at the table with their 'appetizer'.  Only in the summer!  While they ate, I pulled out a variety of healthier additions.  Sophie was thrilled to find the left over salad Grandma B had sent home with us the day before.  She though she would help us all out by 'tossing' it for us.  Literally (see bag of salad nearly touching the ceiling).  Oh did we laugh.  And that is why I love lunch with the kids in the summer.  Laughter.