Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sophie's Special Day and Tiger Socks

Monday we celebrated our strong, smart, caring and funny Sophia's special day. Again, we are so thankful for her, she has come so far from the tiny little bundle we took home 5 years ago this week (and even farther from her tiny beginning). Sophie loves to snuggle, and I savor every moment! Sophie loved her special day and selected two versions of PB and J for breakfast and lunch and CHEESE pizza for dinner. It was a wonderful day celebrating Sophia Grace.

Abby Loving her daddy!!

I was able to finish Noah's other tiger sock this week too. He wore them proudly to school today! Love it!


joan b. said...

Oh, my - what I miss by not checking your page for a few days.....Happy Special day to Sophie! She nearly got lost in her car seat when you took her home from the hospital and now she seems so grown up! What a blessing she is!