Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Abby Jane

Another late post is for my sweet Abby Jane. We celebrated her 'special day' on Wednesday this week. This is an especially sweet day for us because we finally had all of our babies at home. Our family was together, and together we would stay! Abby is such a joy, and fills any room with her love of life and love of others. She is truly amazing. Needless to say there was a lot of pink on her day that included pink roses (ok, I brought her to the grocery store to pick out flowers...she has good taste!) and pink frosted cookies. She choose funny meals too: raisin bran for breakfast, rice for lunch, and homemade mac and cheese for dinner. We are so thankful for the joy that Abby brings to our life!


Kaiton Family said...

Tears in my eyes! It would be one thing to be blessed with 3 healthy children...but to have such wonderful and beautiful...inside and out...WOW! I wish I could hug all 3 of them right now! Lots of love for your family!

Laura said...

You're such a joy, Miss Abby Jane! We miss you! Love you!

joan b. said...

Sweet Abby Jane! How wonderful it was when you came home and all of you could be together! I love you so much and am glad you had a happy 'special day' :)
Grandma B.