Monday, August 3, 2009

The Fair

The Ottawa county fair was in town last week (practically in our front yard)! The kids wait all year for this week, and could hardly wait to go. Noah LOVED the rides, even riding a "big kid ride" with daddy! The girls loved the carousel, and the giant slide. Everyone loved the animals and the elephant ear! Abby was ecstatic to find a donkey (one of her favorite animals...since she was one in the preschool Christmas play) named Abbie :) They could hardly believe it when grandma and grandpa B came to town Friday night and took us all BACK to the fair for a second time!! It doesn't get any better than that!!


Triplet Mom said...

Mmmm Elephant Ears!!!!!!

joan b. said...

What fun we had with you and the kids at the fair - let's do it again next year!!!