Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tomorrow is a special day at school for Sophie. Not only will she be the only Bonnema triplet in school (the other two are still down for the count...yes, both Noah AND Abby are still/now fighting fevers/colds/coughs) sigh, but she got to make a poster all about her and bring a special snack for estimating time in math. She worked all weekend on her poster and is so excited and proud. She did a wonderful job! She is amazing.

Even sick, they are all so precious!


GLMcD said...

what a great poster! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

joan b. said...

Sophie - your poster is GREAT! It's easy to see that you worked very hard on it. I like how you even used some Spanish for your favorite color :)

You are a very special girl and I'm glad you're feeling better. Abby and Noah still look happy even though they're sick.

I'll see you tomorrow!

Kaiton Family said...

melt my heart with those 3 wishes! xoxox to all of you!