Friday, April 23, 2010

Another great day in Florida!

It was another wonderful day in sunny Florida. Laura and I got a bit of pampering this morning...amazing pedicures (thanks mom for babysitting!). Had a wonderful lunch, and a relaxing afternoon at home looking out over the ocean. I am enjoying snuggling my new niece and my sweet little nephew! I got to talk to my kiddos at bedtime tonight, and miss them like crazy. Sounds like they are having a blast with daddy (and grandma Joan!).


Kaiton Family said...

Adorable! And I already commented on your it's Laura's turn...she is looking so good! ummm, wish I was with you all!

joan b. said...

How wonderful you can spend these days with Laura and Gavin, your niece and nephew, and your mom! I'm sure it was very special for you to be at the baptism this morning.

Safe travels - and I'll see you Tuesday!