Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Day

Today I worked in the kids classroom for the last time of the year! Here is Noah practicing his math flashcards with a classmate after they finished their project.

Sophie hard at work.

Abby stops to smile!

Abby's prize winning 'book cover' that was selected as the best from all of the Kindergarteners in her school! The book is "The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the hungry bear". Love it!

I was tired today. Getting back in the groove after being away, laundry, work, groceries, and making up for lost time with my kiddos. By this evening I realized the best thing I could do was laugh...and laugh I did at both of these events that happened within 30 minutes of each other while making the beds and getting ready for sleep. Oops: The last line would make more sense if it said, "Yes, they are!" Sorry...told you I was tired!

I hope you had a good laugh today!


joan b. said...

Love the pictures, as usual, but those quotes on the 'chalkboard door' are priceless. And yes, they made me laugh :)