Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

The tulips are blooming and Holland looks amazing! We enjoyed heading downtown last weekend for our traditional elephant ear (ok, we had two), fun at Kinderplaats, a walk to the art market, and even a pizza (love the new smoke free!!).

As I sit updating my blog, all three of my kids are at the table with me silently (minus some whisper counting) doing their math homework. Math homework!! They are doing subtraction...one side has double didgets! I am constantly in awe! They are so big. Sigh.

Last Saturday Abby took the first bad spill of the season. She was running down the driveway and fell, landing on her knees, arm, and foot. She is usually pretty darn tough but she was ticked off and SCREAMED! She's not a fan of her own blood (which was pouring from her legs). I carried her in to the bathroom and started to close the door when I saw Sophie lingering right around the corner with huge eyes. I looked at her and she said, "When Abby cries it makes me feel like I will cry too." The love of triplets.


Kaiton Family said...

beautiful! who would have thought such a sweet moment would have come from such an ugly fall...and remember scraped knees are a true sign of spring! love you all!

joan b. said...

Poor Abby - it must have been quite a spill! Precious Sophie...pure and sweet compassion.

So nice you could enjoy some of the festivities of Tulip Time :)