Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday my Angels!

We are having an amazing 7th birthday! It started with a party at Hope College with their entire class entitled, "The Physics of Intergalactic Flight" (we are VERY in to Star Wars these days!). Grandma and Grandpa Bonnema, Grandma and Grandpa Mosher, Tom and myself were the 'assistants' and a Hope student taught our class. They built paper airplanes, learned about birds, launched alka-seltzer rockets, and built hover crafts. 22 VERY excited first graders...nothing better than that!! We ended the party with homemade vanilla cupcakes! Then we were off to 'Froggy's' where Aunt Lynn, Uncle Steve, Deven, and Tori joined us. After a great lunch we went back to our house for presents and homemade chocolate cake! We've had a wonderful afternoon relaxing, enjoying new toys, and celebrating our miracles.


joan b. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite 7-year-olds in the whole world! It was amazing to watch them today, reflecting on their early births and fragile lives in those first weeks. We thank God for those three healthy, energetic kids!

Laura said...

Sounds perfect! Wish we could have joined you. We were too busy soaking up the sun on the beach with your sister and her kiddos. Missing you all the while. :) Happy birthday to my dear Abby, Sophie and Noah!