Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

The view from the front...

Even Tom is at home...but working very hard

Not us, we are not working we are snuggling and relaxing!!

The view from the back

The blizzard 2011!! We love snow days!!

Sweet Adelee, we are snowed in our house but we are watching cartoons, snuggling, and staying in our jammies :) (she was a little concerned after watching the weather channel with Martha yesterday!)


joan b. said...

Glad you enjoyed the snow day! It's always a fun change of pace - and beautiful, too!

Kaiton Family said...

Wow! We stayed in a lot today too, cause it was windy and temps were in the 50s! Burrrrr!!!

Thanks for the pics Adelee has been very interested in all of this storm! I cannot believe all of that snow! How much do you think you have? I'm very glad that Tom stayed home too...not that he had a choice I"m sure! xoxo School tomorrow?