Saturday, May 21, 2011


So sorry it's been so long!! We are doing well, enjoying the late arrival of spring! We were overjoyed to have Nathan and Kaitlin (aka Nate the Great and Kate the Great) Laura, and Gavin here for a week this month! We even saw what life would be like with 5 kids for a few days while Laura and Gavin went up north (shout out to Beth!). Loved it!! It was amazing to have so much wonderful and quality time with all of them.

The kids marched in the Tulip Time Kinderparade this year in full Dutch costume! Temps reached near 90 that day, but they did great! (picture to's not uploading!)

The girls have just finished their soccer season. They learned a lot and had a blast! They especially love having their friend/classmate 'Ella V' on their team for the 4th time!

We are counting down the (14) days until summer vacation and savoring the arrival of warmer temps, green, and longer days!

The girls after their last soccer game.


Mother's Day gift at Cynthia Hagadorn's studio

Playing at Captain Sundae

Lunch with Kaitlin and Nathan


Marva's "Marvalous" Memories said...

I still can't believe how grown up the kids are! And did I hear you say you enjoyed having 5 kids??? Hmmm! What a great mother's day gift you received. Love ya!! Aunt Marva