Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Today was the first day of the Park Township Farmer's Market (which we can walk to!!). We didn't walk today, but I did pack up the kids and take them before school. It felt so summery (even though we were wearing jackets!)! The kids begged for spinach, a tomato (?since when do they like tomatoes?), rhubarb, and asparagus. Tonight we made an amazing dinner of salmon, rice pilaf, spinach salad (with non-Michigan strawberries), asparagus roasted with Parmesan, and for dessert Martha Stewart's raspberry rhubarb cobbler (love my cookbook Martha). It was amazing.
If you are counting with my 1000 gifts: #482 Local dirt on my hands while preparing a salad

(Ok, Kate I LOVE the camera!)


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

Forget all of that yummy food! Look at those amazing photos!! First thing I said was "nice photo's Anna" and Chuck said "is that her new camera" you get a new camera? Or are you just borrowing one from Kate? Beautiful photos! And yummy yummy food! Love you!

joan b. said...

What a great dinner! We'll have to hit that market with you soon :)