Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday July 21

Today was National Junk Food day (incase you couldn't guess!).  We had a big party to celebrate.  Each kid brought their favorite junk food to share.  We had a healthy lunch and LOTS of junk food treats (if you know me, you know I did my best to moderate a little...and every kid went home with a packed 'to go' bag!)!  The kids had a blast playing junk food themed games/activities like building tall structures out of toothpicks and gumdrops (photo...well actually in the photo this activity had turned in to a gum drop fight!).  We also played bad-mitten with a giant marshmallow, filled balloons with the gas that escapes from pop rocks in soda, Nerds Chromatography, and a marshmallow spoon race.  It was so fun to hear the laughter!  It was a good day to be a kid!


joan b. said...

Anna - the Queen of Celebrations! What fun!