Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wednesday July 2

Today we started off by going to the farmers market to get strawberries for homemade jam (as you can see in the photo). Also, we got a ton of fruits and veggies for a "farmers market lunch". We got snap peas, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peppers and broccoli. It was so good! Later, as I said before, we made strawberry jam. We made two different kinds (you can only see one type in the photo). The one you see above is made with sugar, the other kind is used with honey (we had to cook that one, I forgot why, though). Noah was at baseball practice (he is on the All Star team) while we made the jam(s). We then decided to make biscuits so when Noah got home,we would be able to eat them with the homemade jam. When he got home, we ate them and they were delicious with the the jam! What a fun day!
By Abby