Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The first day of school!

We made it!! The kids had a wonderful morning at kindergarten. Aside from Tom and I thinking school started at 9, therefore arriving 2 minutes after the 8:50 bell rang, everything went smoothly!! They came out of school saying, "Buenos Dias" and singing like crazy. They loved it!! The only disappointment in their eyes was that I picked them up today, and they don't get to ride the bus home (I'll be driving them in the morning) until tomorrow!!
After I picked them up, I was off to Hope for my first day of class. My class has doubled in size this year (from 7 to 14) and it seems to be a wonderful group of anxious to learn middle schoolers!!

Tonight the girls waited out a rainstorm and had their first soccer practice. They looked adorable in their shin guards and socks (had to call my sister to see which went on top!!) not to mention the cleats!! They have a bit to learn about the actual game of soccer, but they had a BLAST!!!

I'm ready to have a glass of wine and relax. What a day!


Kaiton Family said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful! And what it won't slow down for another 13 years! Enjoy!

Laura said...

Glad to know that everything went well and that you all survived. :) The kids look so grown up! We miss you!

joan b. said...

It was great to hear the excitement in the kids' voices after their first morning of kindergarten - they all said it was "Super-Dooper Good!" :)
They even taught me a few new words of Spanish - fun!