Monday, September 7, 2009

Ready or not...

Here comes school. We had an amazing last week of summer vacation. We hit parks, the Binder park zoo, open houses, read 2 'chapter books' while snuggling in was perfect.

Today we marked the 'last day' by allowing all 5 of us to select a 'summer' activity we wanted to do one more time. Our day looked like this:

Family Driving Range time (selected by Tom)

Park at their school (selected by Noah)

Ice Cream (selected by Sophie)

Dinner (much needed!)

'Hike to the tower' at local nature preserve (selected by Abby)
Reading the rest of 'Edward Tulane' in bed (selected by Mommy)
It was an amazing day. Sophie stopped at one point today to ask me if I was nervous before I started school. I scooped up my baby and gave her a big hug. Yep, I was nervous as a child, and I'm nervous now as a mom letting my babies start kindergarten tomorrow. I'm even a little nervous to start my own class tomorrow afternoon at Hope. I'm pretty much a blubbering mess tonight as we prepare for this next stage of our lives. School. I think they are entering the class of 2022. They are ready, they are excited...I'm just not sure how it happened so fast.
Happy Fall everyone!


Kaiton Family said...

oh my goodness! breath...breath...sigh

joan b. said...

Love the events chosen by each of you for the 'last day'- What a great idea!

Hard to send all of your kids off to kindergarten at one time, isn't it... Makes it easier that they love it so much.