Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My wonderful and talented friend Kate took these family pictures for us at the beach.
Getting ready for family pictures is never my favorite thing, but we got ready for these in less than an hour. Showers, selecting 'coordinating' outfits, and out the door. That's the way to do it!!

"It's the second day of otoño" Noah announced when he got home today. it October I wondered? "NO mom, that means fall!" Oops. Can I get a spanish dictionary here????
The kids are LOVING school. They are making friends, learning math, and learning so much spanish I am amazed! They love their teacher, the girls have two friends from class on their soccer team, they love riding the bus home, and are doing great!
The girls have 2 soccer practices a week and usually one game. Noah is their biggest fan, but is beyond excited to FINALLY start "football skills" tomorrow night.
We've been enjoying September getting in to a school routine. Enjoy the pictures!!
Blessings! Happy otoño!!


Kaiton Family said...

What a beautiful family!

joan b. said...

Love the pictures and knowing the kids love school so much! How nice to have such beautiful weather this fall for all of your activities :) It's been fun to watch the girls play soccer - constant smiles on their faces :)

Laura said...

Love the pictures...makes me REALLY miss you guys. (I normally really miss you.) :)